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When Do Wildlife Have Babies? And What to Watch For

It’s officially Spring which means wildlife have already started having their babies. It helps that this year’s winter was mild in southwestern Ontario. Over the last couple months we noticed wildlife traveling in pairs meaning it was only a matter of time! 

This also means wildlife companies are getting busy with calls - you want to make that booking as soon as possible. So what should you watch out for?

  1. The most obvious sign that wildlife have made their way into your home is noise. Attics are the most common space for squirrels and raccoons to dwell. They are easily accessible, roomy and warm. They can also find their way inside garages and sheds. You may hear scratching, thumping or scurrying above your ceiling at certain points in the day, usually in the evening or morning. Inspect the perimeter of your roof. Sometimes you can see damaged soffits or fascia. If they’ve made their way through a vent or hole on top of your roof it might be less obvious. Newborn raccoons are extremely noisy and sound like birds - you’ll know they’re there.

  2. Another common spot to find wildlife is underneath porches, decks and sheds. This is where you’ll find skunks or the odd raccoon. Signs you may have something living there include holes dug out of the ground or lattice torn off. Another obvious sign of skunks is of course the smell.

  3. Less often, but still a possibility, you may hear wildlife in your walls. We have seen cases where a litter is born inside a wall, squirrels get stuck in a wall, or rodents are traveling through walls and between floors.

Raccoons give birth once anywhere from late winter to mid-spring. If something happens to their first litter they may have a second one in the summer - although this isn’t overly common. Skunks wait until weather is favourable and typically give birth in mid spring, around May. Squirrels have two litters a year, mid-spring and mid-summer. Of course this is all subject to change - babies will come earlier if winter was mild.

For an in-depth look at their habits before, during and after baby season, head to

While it’s a lot more seamless for us to exclude these animals from your home or property BEFORE they have babies, we can still do the work after babies are born. Our goal is to do things in the safest, most humane way possible which means keeping mom and babies together. If you suspect wildlife have made their way in, no matter the time of year, we’re here to take care of it.

Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control services much of southwestern Ontario including Woodstock, London, Stratford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford, Tillsonburg and surrounding areas. We are licensed, insured and experienced in handling raccoon, skunk, squirrel, bird, mice, rat, ant, spider and wasp issues! We treat your home like our own.

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