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Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Solutions

As part of our inspection, we will identify what type of pest is bothering you and how to treat the problem in the most affordable and effective way!

Please click one of the tabs below to explore different kinds of pests and learn about them.


picture of a raccoon walking on a grass bed


Raccoons are intelligent and remember solutions to tasks for up to 3 years. Usually nocturnal with an omnivorous diet consisting of 40% ….

 picture of a squirrel on a tree branch


Squirrels are very adaptable and can fit through a hole the size of a baseball. Most active at dawn and dusk Grey ones  feed every day,....

picture of a skunk sniffing for food


Skunks dig for grubs in lawns and gardens. They commonly burrow under decks, sheds, porches and buildings to make a den to have…..

picture of a rabbit in the grass


Rabbits are well known for their reproductive habits however, only 15% of the babies survive the first year. They have a plant based diet...

picture of an opossum near a man’s shoe


Opossums are nocturnal animals and they are North America’s only marsupial. Because of their good grooming habits they eat up to….

picture of a bat hanging upside down


A common misconception is that bats carry disease and are very unclean, but bats are actually very helpful in controlling the population of crop destroying insects.

Bats are divided into two types:...


picture of a mouse eating grass


Mice are generally nocturnal and are sensitive to bright lights. These little rodents have a superior sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch. They…

picture of a mouse jumping


Rats take care of injured and sick members in their group. Without companionship they become lonely and depressed. These unwanted…

picture of a mole in the grass


Moles are not nocturnal and most spend their entire life underground made possible by their unique Hemoglobin that allows them to…


dark bird in beautiful plumage with food

European Starlings

European Starlings are destructive to native wildlife pushing out native cavity nesters like bluebirds, owls, and woodpeckers. Large flocks can…

picture of a black and blue bird clenching food with the beak


Grackles like agricultural fields and are more of a threat to crops than crows. They are not however an invasive species. The Common….


picture of an ant on a wooden log


Although not typically harmful, ants can be very annoying if left untreated. It is possible that a large infestation can destroy structures…

picture of a spider making webs


Spiders may help keep your plants and flowers safe from other pests but they can be unpleasant if you’re frightened of them or if their webs….

closeup picture of a wasp mouth


Wasps don’t usually cause damage to homes during their summer nest building however, they are disliked immensely due to their painful sting…..

Struggling with a Wildlife or Pest Problem?

Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control is fully insured, certified and equipped to take care of your wildlife or pest issues. We offer affordable pest control solutions & for humane removal of wildlife.

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