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Mice Removal

With a recent surge in mice populations, we approach these pests in the most effective manner to eradicate them completely from your home or business. We understand pests can quickly become a big problem if left untreated. We visit your home or business in a timely manner and provide a thorough inspection to determine the most effective treatment method. During our thorough inspection, we will identify areas of mice activity based on evidence such as droppings and chewed baseboards. Our Pesticide Technicians will strategically position locked bait boxes in these areas for the best results. We use industrial-strength poison in our bait boxes which the mice only need to feed on once. The product makes the mice very thirsty, and they will typically go outdoors looking for water. This is the most effective way to treat a mice infestation. We will also identify entry points and either guide you to seal these yourself or provide a quote, and we can do it for you. Left untreated, two mice can quickly multiply into hundreds of mice! Automatic recall visits are available.

picture of a white mouse looking upwards
picture of a white mouse
picture of a brown mouse


Mice are generally nocturnal and are sensitive to bright lights. These little rodents have a superior sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch. They can memorize the locations of food, pathways and obstacles. They like to live in close proximity to humans whom they rely on for food and shelter. They remain close to their nest and to a food source.

Mouse droppings are 1/4″ seed-like. Their tracks are tiny 1/2″ prints with 4 toes on the front paw and 5 toes on the back paw. These nuisance critters in your house can damage inside walls, eat wiring and insulation, shredding paper, cardboard or clothing and chewing baseboards, doors, window panes and cabinets.

Did You Know?

Mice can memorize the locations of food, pathways and obstacles!

What You Need to Know About Mice

Want to Get Rid of Mice?

We always try to find the most humane and least stressful options in removing the nuisance animals. Sometimes different animals, pests or situations may require different solutions. We are always prepared for whatever wildlife or pest issue you have.

Struggling with a Wildlife or Pest Problem?

Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control is fully insured, certified and equipped to take care of your wildlife or pest issues. We offer affordable pest control solutions & for humane removal of wildlife.

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