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How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garden

a squirrel digging in the garden

We are finally at the start of gardening season. With all that time and effort put in it can be discouraging to see your beautiful, healthy flowers and vegetables be taken down by wildlife. Whether they’ve been trampled, dug up, torn apart or gone missing - you can guess who the culprit may be. Deer, squirrels, rabbits and rodents are among the top garden destroyers.

Thankfully we have a handful of DIY tips to deter them from your garden:

  1. You can plant different things. Prickly plants will deter little paws; the scent of marigolds can deter squirrels; plant spicy vegetables or spread garlic/cayenne/chili powder; plant peppermint or apply peppermint oil

  2. You can also try applying different things to your garden like predator urine or add blood meal to your soil. Both of these will need to be reapplied after rainfall.

  3. Of course keeping your yard clean will help. Keep garbage and compost properly secured; eliminate clutter; get rid of fallen fruits or vegetables; pick up pet waste; tidy bird feeder areas. Be wary of areas that act as a nice shelter for small animals.

  4. If possible, installing proper fencing around your garden or plants is the best way to stop animals from making a mess.

  5. Devices can also be purchased and installed such as motion sensor lights, ultrasonic sounds devices and ground vibration devices.

While having wildlife in your garden is a nuisance, you especially don’t want them in your home! If that happens - we can help. Skunks, raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, ants, spiders, wasps: we treat your home like our home!

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