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Unwanted House Guests?

rat figurine from the nutcracker ballet

It’s no coincidence that rodent calls have been picking up. With the change in seasons, winter is an active time for mice and rats. Rodents are looking to relocate and find their way indoors to stay warm - understandably so!

While rummaging through your holiday decor or rearranging for the season, you may find evidence of these unwelcome guests in the form of holes, droppings or shredded cardboard.

The good news is - this is a common issue and we’re experts at tackling it with you. During our initial inspection we look for signs of entry and damage to your home. We tell you what we find and what we plan to do to eliminate them. We also tell you what you can do on your end to keep your home or business unappealing to rodents.

For quick pointers, here are the best DIY deterrents:

  1. Frequent cleaning and decluttering especially in basements, furnace rooms, garages and sheds

  2. Clean behind furniture and boxes often

  3. Store food and pet food in airtight containers

  4. Clean up food messes right away

  5. Properly store and dispose of garbage, recycling and compost. Store it in locked bins and avoid accumulation 

  6. Seal cracks, crevices and holes, especially around your foundation

These tips, along with our services, is a sure fire way to rodent-free your home or business. Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control services much of Southwestern Ontario including Woodstock, London, Stratford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford, Tillsonburg and surrounding areas.

Contact us today for more information, bookings & quotes.

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