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Christmas Mouse…or is it Rats?

mice on the window

Are rats or mice invading your home during the holidays?  Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control is here to help! With all the extra treats in your house during this festive season it’s no wonder these pests found their way into your cupboards! 

If you’re noticing signs of these critters in your home, garage, shed or business call Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control 519-421-2677 or text 289-987-0390.  We guarantee we’ll rid your home of these pests and offer you a recall system to keep them away!!

Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control serves Woodstock, London, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford and surrounding areas.  We provide affordable & effective solutions and we know you’ll be happy with our prompt & courteous service!


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