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Birds in Your Vent - Now What?

Bathroom, kitchen and dryer exhaust vents are the perfect home for birds. They are up high, warm and perfectly sheltered. However - it’s not ideal for us as home dwellers.

The number one way to stop this from happening is to periodically inspect your vent covers. If you notice one is damaged or broken, have it fixed ASAP. Birds are always scouting for new areas to build a nest and stopping them before they start is the best prevention.

The most common nuisance birds include:

  1. Pigeons

  2. European Starlings

  3. House Sparrows

  4. Grackles

  5. Crows

  6. Tree, Cliff and Barn Swallows

The smaller the bird, the easier it is for them to fit comfortably inside a vent. If you see nesting materials sticking out of a vent or birds flying in and out, calling a professional wildlife removal company is your next step.

We will inspect the area, clear out any accessible nesting material and install an animal-proof vent cover. We also offer preventative work to stop birds before they get inside by replacing your existing plastic covers with our animal-proof ones. 

For more information on nuisance birds and their nesting & feeding habits, head to

Whether you require bird removal services or just want to animal-proof your home, Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control can be trusted with the job. We are licensed, insured and ready! We service Southwestern Ontario including Woodstock, London, Stratford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford, Tillsonburg and surrounding areas.

Phone: (519) 421-2677

Text: (289) 987-0390


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