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Safety & Health Week 2023

a pylon in the snow

This year, Ontario's Safety & Health week lands on May 1st to 6th, so there’s still lots of time to prepare! This is a great opportunity to promote safety in the home, workplace, and community.

Here are some ideas for activities that can help raise awareness of safety issues and encourage people to be more mindful of their own safety:

  1. Create a safety checklist - Use a checklist to remind people of areas they should pay attention to when it comes to safety, such as checking smoke alarms, securing windows, and practicing safe driving habits.

  2. Educate about safety topics - Host workshops, seminars, or webinars on topics like fire safety, cyber security, workplace safety, and first aid.

  3. Create a safety pledge - Ask people to take a pledge to practice safety in their everyday lives.

  4. Start a social media campaign - Use hashtags to start conversations about safety and encourage people to share the message with their friends and family.

  5. Hold a safety fair - Invite attendees to participate in interactive activities that teach them about safety and give them the opportunity to ask questions.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

We hope you find these pointers useful in starting the conversation about the different types of safety in your everyday lives!


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