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Keep Your Pool People and Animal Safe

a pylon beside a swimming pool with a large warning symbol

We are in the midst of National Drowning Prevention Week 2023. Here are the best tips for safety around water, no matter your skill-level:

an outdoor swimming pool with a safety fence around it
  1. Take swimming lessons

  2. Supervise children within arms reach. In a setting with multiple adults, designate one person to be actively watching at all times

  3. Wear a life jacket, especially in open water and on watercrafts

  4. Install a pool safety fence

  5. Stay sober

Swimming pools can also be a hazard to pets and wildlife:

an escape ramp with a frog on it in a swimming pool
  1. Installing a pool safety fence will greatly reduce animals from entering your pool.

  2. Escape ramps will help wildlife climb out if they do end up in the water.

  3. A solar cover will keep your pool both clean and warm.

  4. Check your pool and skimmer daily for critters.

  5. If you are building a new pool, consider having a low ledge or gradual wall to make it easier to climb out.

Are birds and ducks already enjoying your pool? You can humanely deter them:

  1. Consider building a pond, fountain or bird bath as a safe and chemical-free alternative for them.

  2. Use a pool cleaner that looks like an animal.

  3. Keep a large inflatable floating around your pool.

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