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Skunks Galore This Fall!

skunk in the garden

We’ve been seeing a lot of skunks so far this Fall! And many have very little white on them, much like this guy!

Skunks don’t like to spray but will if they feel threatened. If you’ve trapped one yourself and would like to release it here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Approach from the front where the trap door is blocking the skunk’s view of you – don’t let it see you!

2. Be steady and quiet while putting a tarp or other disposable covering over the cage. Move the cage gently to your release area. Stand away from the cage as much as possible when opening the door and the skunk will likely scoot out and run away.

3. If the skunk has sprayed you or a pet there are many recipes and methods available on the internet that will be helpful to you.

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