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Skunk O’Clock

It’s skunk time again! We’ve been seeing lots of skunk families under sheds so far this summer.

By now the baby kits are mobile and it’s a good time to screen off your deck or shed to prevent them from taking up permanent residence!


1. Many animals have markings that draw attention to their best weapon – a skunk’s stripes will point right to where their noxious spray comes out! And if the stripes aren’t enough a skunk will often stomp its feet or slap its tail.

2. A young skunk with spots who hasn’t yet developed stripes may even do a handstand to ward off danger in an effort to avoid spraying. Spraying their scent actually renders them helpless until they can ‘reload’.

3. Skunks are nocturnal so their sulfur-smelling defense mechanism is quite useful at night. They can spray up to 10 feet out of their glands causing an offensive, long-lasting smell that can also irritate skin and cause temporary blindness.

4. If you’re not lucky enough to be the 1 in 1000 people with no ability to detect the smell of skunk spray then a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will rid you or your pet of the awful odour.

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