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It's Getting Wasp-y

a technician holding honeycomb with a wasp on it

If you’ve noticed the uptick in wasps, you are not alone. It’s the time of year where they become quite noticeable. Their food sources diminish near the end of summer, causing them to be aggressive. They are fighting for food before the cold weather comes.

What also becomes more noticeable is where they are nesting. Not only do they create nests in trees, roof peaks and underhangs - they love to live inside soffits and siding. This can seemingly make it difficult to eradicate the wasps since their nest is not visible.

If you see wasps buzzing around, take notice of where they land. There may be a hole or gap that you would not notice otherwise. They can even make nests in the ground.

What NOT to do:

  1. Do no seal up their entry point(s) with spray foam or caulking. Wasps can chew through drywall and enter your home. It’s best to spray with pesticide and wait until the wasps are gone before sealing gaps.

  2. Do not pour boiling water or flammables into their nest. This will only make them angry which is dangerous for you.

This is where a good pest control company comes in. We have the provincial licenses, safety gear, and industrial strength pesticides to exterminate them quickly and effectively. If nests are accessible we will remove them completely. If they are hidden inside your roof, siding or in the ground, we spray the entry point. Not only do our pesticides work on contact; the wasps bring it back to their nest and spread it to everyone who lives there.

It’s important to note: there is a difference between wasps and bees. Bees are pollinators and we are not permitted to exterminate them. In this case please call your local bee rescue.

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