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Bats – in the Winter?

a bat hanging upside down from a tree branch

Did you know bats are endangered and are considered a protected species in Canada?

It’s a common misconception that bats hibernate all winter. While they do stay holed up during the cold months, they periodically leave their dwellings, especially during warmer spells.

We’ve been getting a lot of calls about bats recently, which can be unusual for this time of year. They are quite harmless, but no doubt can be a nuisance whether it’s a transient bat or a colony.

It’s actually illegal to trap, poison, and kill them, even on your own property. Bats are excellent pollinators and even better mosquito hunters. Putting a bat house on your property is a good way to make your property bat friendly, without inviting them inside:

If a sole bat finds its way inside your home, open a door or window. It will feel the draft and make a swift exit. If you think there are multiple bats in your attic, we can come out and install a one-way exit for them. They will leave to find food, but won’t be able to get back in.

Here’s the catch - we can only do this kind of work two months out of the year! As a wildlife removal service, we are only permitted to exclude bats from your home during May before they have babies and in September, before they ‘hibernate’.

Since the window of time is so small to treat your home for bats, we recommend booking a month or more in advance as we do fill up quickly. Call, text, or email us and we’ll get you in! We service Oxford County, County of Brant, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Stratford, and surrounding areas.

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