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Send those critters packing!

two squirrels sitting at beach

Summer is just around the corner!  That means longer days, warmer temps, kids are off school and you’re possibly taking a vacation!

As you prep for all the fun that summer promises we’d like to suggest you take care of any possible wildlife or rodent issues that may be lurking around your home or property.  If you suspect any animal activity take a quick look around for such tell-tale signs as:

1. Damage from gnawing, nest-building, and defecation;.

2. Disappearing pet food.

3. Chewed insulation or wires

4. Damaged or eaten bulbs or seedlings in your garden and flower beds.

5. Shredded paper, cardboard or clothing.

6. Chewed holes in roofs, vents and fascia. 

These could all be indicators of wildlife or rodents taking up residence in your home.  Keep in mind squirrels breed in June or July with a gestation period of 36-40 days and it is best to clear them out before they have their litter! 

Mice on the other hand begin reproducing at 6-10 weeks old and can give birth to as many as 60 baby mice per year!

Call Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control for a thorough inspection, removal and prevention.  Secure your home from pesky critters then sit back, relax and enjoy your summer!  We serve Woodstock, London, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford and surrounding areas.  Call 519-421-2677 or  Text 289-987-0390


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