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Winter Weather Safety Tips -From your friendly local pest control company

Stay safe and healthy by making sure homes and vehicles are in good working condition during the winter weather. Here are suggestions to prepare your home:

1. Check the condition of your weather stripping, insulation and windows

2. Make sure exterior water lines are insulated

3. Ensure your heating system is clean, working properly, and ventilated to the outside

4. Inspect and clean fireplaces and chimneys

5. Test batteries monthly on your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and replace the batteries twice a year

6. Have a safe alternate heating source and alternate fuels available.

7. Prepare your Vehicle: Service the radiator; Maintain antifreeze level; Check tire tread/replace tires with all-weather or snow tires; Keep gas tank full to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines; Use a wintertime formula in your windshield washer; Prepare a winter emergency kit for your car with cell phone, portable charger, and extra batteries, blankets, food, water, booster cables, flares, tire pump, bag of sand/cat litter, compass, maps, flashlight, battery-powered radio, extra batteries, first-aid kit, plastic bags.

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