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5 Ways to Deter Squirrels

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Don’t let their bushy tails and big cheeks fool you. They may be cute and bright-eyed, but if left unchecked, squirrels can do an impressive amount of damage. Your garden could be torn up, but even more concerning is the damage to your home, particularly to the attic, vents and eavesdrops.

There is unfortunately no quick and easy way to deter squirrels, but you can do several things to slowly shoo away these mischievous creatures. Here are five ways you can either prevent a squirrel problem or deal with the one you already have: 

1. A Focus on Food – If the neighborhood squirrels seem more interested in your house than the one next door, it makes sense to try and figure out why. Scan your property for an obvious food source, like as a bird feeder. Even if mounted on a tree or atop a pole, bird feeders are well within reach of squirrels. We have all seen these agile animals jump eight to ten feet with ease. 

2. Prevent Safe Passage – Squirrels are expert climbers. But, by banding tree trunks with plastic or metal collars (sometimes known as baffles), you can prevent squirrels from moving along those routes that provide easy access to vulnerable areas like the overhang of your roof. 

3. Make it Smell – Hang ammonia-soaked rags on the branches squirrels seem to favour. You can also purchase and spread predator urine, available for sale at garden supply stores, home centers, and online retailers. These treatments should be reapplied after every rainfall. 

4. Chemical Options – There are several chemical repellents on the market that work well to deter squirrels. Look for products containing the active ingredient capsaicin. Some homeowners choose to spray repellent near entry points to the attic, but you could go a step further and apply it directly to bulbs before planting. 

5. Hire a professional – if squirrels have gained access to your house a wildlife removal/pest control technician can offer humane solutions for removal and future prevention.

Here’s a fun quiz – Speedy Squirrels


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